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Why our offices in Prague and Brno met their infamous ending – part I.

27 April, 2021

About five years ago, following a great effort, we opened new offices in Prague and Brno with a big bang. After a few years, we closed them both in silence. In this blog entry, we would like to think about what we did not do quite so well, what we learned from…

How we ran the A/B test for the first time

2 March, 2021

One of our newest services is the Private Marketplace. It is used for arranging so-called Private Deals in the online advertising business. For example, the sales agent of will negotiate a deal with the car brand Škoda and offer them the possibility to buy mobile advertising on their website in the…

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We are a team of developers from three countries - Germany, Czech republic and New Zealand. We work together to help media stay independent and free. Every day we run hundreds of millions of auctions, helping publishers to monetize their content and advertisers to reach their best audience, all in real-time.


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