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How our services talk to each other

22 June, 2021

Communication is the foundation of a good relationship! We all know that. The same rule can be applied to our web services. The way they communicate with each other is the cornerstone of our architecture. That’s why we have used the REST API over HTTP as the main method…

Why our offices in Prague and Brno met their infamous ending – part II.

28 May, 2021

Continuation of Part I of the Article…

Adaptation and trial period

The adaptation period began with new colleagues from Brno and Prague spending first 2 to 4 weeks in Opava at our main branch. That aspect helped us a…

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We are a team of developers from three countries - Germany, Czech republic and New Zealand. We work together to help media stay independent and free. Every day we run hundreds of millions of auctions, helping publishers to monetize their content and advertisers to reach their best audience, all in real-time.


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