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Running a brand campaign for the first time

11 January, 2022

When a software development company, focused on internet advertising, decides to try out both online and offline advertising, it’s quite a challenge. As they say: the shoemaker’s children go barefoot. And when it comes to self-promotion, we have some reserves. In the following text, you will learn about these…

Ad management the world hasn’t seen

3 September, 2021

About 4 years ago we got an idea that we could use a new framework written in TypeScript. One of the main reasons was that we wanted to switch to Angular 2, which is written in TypeScript and we didn’t want to combine TypeScript and an old framework written…


We are a team of developers from four countries - Germany, Czech republic, New Zealand and Spain. We work together to help media stay independent and free. Every day we run hundreds of millions of auctions, helping publishers to monetize their content and advertisers to reach their best audience, all in real-time.


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