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You have villas by the sea? And could I see them?

9 December, 2022

December starts as usually and it’s here again. Many months of inclement weather ahead of us, with morning frost outside the window that turns into a slush in just a matter of hours. The sun, if it happens to appear, is just an aesthetic addition to the sky, with…

The beauty of mob programming

26 July, 2022

Is it better to have one book finished or two books halfway done? Some time ago, we ran into a similar problem at work. We were delivering just a few finished features and functions, while we had plenty of ones in progress. We could have dozens of new developing…


We are a team of developers from four countries - Germany, Czech republic, New Zealand and Spain. We work together to help media stay independent and free. Every day we run hundreds of millions of auctions, helping publishers to monetize their content and advertisers to reach their best audience, all in real-time.


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